Fuck 'em

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On Brian Stelter’s ironically named CNN show “Reliable Sources,” Stelter brought on Actor Robert De Niro for a “rare interview” to talk about the possible impeachment of Donald Trump.

First off, if you type “robert de niro interview” into Google it comes back with almost 50 million entries, so I’m not sure how ‘rare” that interview really was?

Second, why have an aging actor weigh in on a presidential impeachment? I mean, next week will we hear what Potsie Weber from Happy Days has to say about the military build up around Iran?

The actor who likes to throw down the F-Bomb did so again on Stelter’s show.

Stelter’s minion Oliver Darcy tweeted about De Niro saying “Fuck ‘em” a couple of times.

Stelter asked the old actor why he has to swear on the air? But what Stelter never did was apologize to his Sunday morning audience for having the F-bomb fly all over his show.

Tune in next week as Brian Stelter sits down with James Doohan who played “Scotty” on the TV show Star Trek to get his take on Trump’s economic policy.