CNN Gouges the Press for Debate

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Talk about price gouging….

CNN and The New York Times will be hosting the Democratic Presidential Debate in Ohio on October 15th.

If you or your station want to cover the debate in person, get ready to pay through the nose.

CNN tells the media, if they want credentials, they need to:

“….fill out the request form completely for a credential application to be considered. Please submit one name per application. Each request requires a unique email address. Media credentials grant access to the press filing center and spin room only; they do not grant access to the debate hall or candidate arrivals.”

If you are approved and want a place to shoot stand-ups in the “Spin Room” that will cost you $6,500 bucks.

Do you want internet? That’s another $1,700 bucks.

How about parking the Satellite Truck? That’s another $2,000.

So basically, you send your crew to the debate, paid for travel and hotel and then shell out this money to CNN and you are looking at over $10,000 to cover a bunch of politicians making false promises and telling lies.

I guess freedom of the press is far from free.

Here is a portion of the CNN media form:

Screen Shot 2019-09-26 at 4.54.37 AM.png