Taking Shots at Fox News

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It seems that CNN basically narrowed their job down to two things, taking shots at President Trump and taking shots at Fox News.

Back in March of 2014, FTVLive FIRST told you that former Fox News Anchor Alisyn Camerota was heading to CNN.

She arrived with a lot of fanfare but has been a complete dud in the ratings.

It now seems that since Camerota can not beat Fox News, she is set on bashing Fox News.

CNN’s media critic Brian Stelter is the cable news channels basher in chief when it comes to Fox News, but Camerota is a very close second.

The difference is, Camerota actually worked at Fox News, while Stelter only watched the channel 24/7. Stelter is in the process of writing a book on Fox News (Why?) and word is that he is using both Camerota and former Fox News Reporter Carl Cameron for much of his intel on FNC.

The Hollywood Reporter sat down with Camerota and since they couldn’t really talk about her success at CNN, they decided to dish about Fox News.

"I am conflicted because I do not want to insult my friends (at Fox News)," she told THR. "I don't want to hurt anybody's feelings. I don't like being in this mortal combat position."

Talking about Trump, she says, “I feel like I watched the Trump phenomenon be created at Fox. Fox & Friends gave him a standing slot every week and I watched him go from bon vivant real estate mogul to political pundit. And I watched that metamorphosis and I watched how the viewers responded and because they rated, then Roger wanted him on more and Fox & Friends wanted him on more. So, I saw it happening, I saw it through my eyes. So, I knew there was that symbiotic relationship.”

What she did not point out is that CNN gave Trump wall to wall coverage as well. CNN was all in on Donald Trump, some would argue more so than Fox News. But when Trump was elected, he turned on CNN and they, in turn, turned on him.

There was a time during the primaries, that Brian Stelter gushed that Donald Trump used Stelter’s phone to look at the election numbers coming in.

Yes, Fox News is basically a pawn for Trump, especially Fox and Friends and the entire primetime lineup.

But so was CNN for the longest time.

But not that CNN has fallen out of favor with Trump, they now spend all their time bashing him and since they can’t beat Fox News head to head, they bash them as well.

Maybe it is time that Camerota, Stelter and the gang at CNN just give up their Fox News obsession and start trying to improve their product. Clearly, the Fox News bashing isn’t helping them and it might actually be helping Fox.