One in The Same?

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Despite the fact that Brian Stelter is CNN’s media reporter, he seems to spend much of his time attacking and reporting on President Donald Trump.

CNN has full-time Reporters assigned to both Trump and the White House, yet every week on his ironically named show Reliable Sources, Stelter spends a lot of time talking about Trump.

So why is that?

After talking to a number of people and looking closer at the issue, we think we have figured it out.

Brian Stelter and Donald Trump are very much one in the same!

Let’s take a closer look:

Both Stelter and Trump are a bit overweight with some hair problems.

Both love talking about themselves and often link to articles about themselves from other media outlets.

Stelter and Trump both seemed to be obsessed with the NY Times and Fox News.

Trump tweets about Fox News, Stelter tweets about Fox News.

They both worked for Jeff Zucker.

They both wrote a book.

Let’s look at the definition of a narcissist. A narcissist is someone with a mental health condition characterized by: an inflated sense of importance.

Hmmmmmm? Does that seem to fit these two?

Trump talks about his wife and how great his daughter is. Stelter does the same. But, one difference, as far as we know, Stelter hasn’t talked about dating his own daughter. So props to him on that.

Trump lashes out at the media that don’t write glowing things about him. Stelter does the same.

Trump often brags about talking to so-called powerful people and celebrities. Same with Stelter.

Trump likes to tweet glowing stuff about him all hours of the day. Brian Stelter does the same.

When you really start looking at it this way, it might answer why Stelter seems so obsessed with Trump?

I think we really might be onto something here and it all starts to make much more sense.