Bold Mistake (Updated)


Gossip magazines and CNN’s Brian Stelter love to print the bold names that they spot at different parties in and around New York.

You see the bold names go to parties that you and I would never be invited to. And, for some reason, Stelter loves to point that out and basically say, I was here and you were not.

We here at FTVLive could really care less since we have never been a big fan of parties or get-togethers. But, a couple of nights ago in his newsletter, Stelter pointed out who was spotted at the Information's annual fall media party.

According to Stelter, it was held at Christie and Joe Marchese's home in SoHo. I have no clue who Christie and Joe are, but I’m sure they are wonderful people.

Anyway, Stelter goes onto say that those “spotted” were Jessica Lessin, Katie Couric and Jay Monahan, Arianna Huffington, Randi Zuckerberg, Ev Williams, Paul Steiger, Marcus Samuelsson, Beau Willimon, Greg Coleman, Kevin Delaney, Noam Bardin, Jessica Yellin, Kate Bolduan, Laurie Segall, Ashley McCollum, Oliver Darcy, Edward Felsenthal, Greg Gittrich, Alysia Reiner, Rich Greenfield, more...

I guess those people on the bold names are either supposed to impress us or make us feel so insignificant because we weren’t invited.

But, what was really surprising was the fact that Katie Couric was spotted at the party with her late husband Jay Monahan, considering the fact that Monahan dies almost 21 years go.

Remember Brian, like you said, “If you can’t get the little things right, how can you be trusted with the big things.”?

Your words, not mine.

Update: Stelter sent us this apology:

Yesterday I made the most mortifying mistake of my newslettering career. In a party sightings item, I said Katie Couric was seen with Jay Monahan -- her beloved husband who died in 1998. Someone sent me the "spotted" list and accidentally wrote Monahan's name instead of Couric's incredible husband of the past five years, John Molner. It's entirely my fault for not catching the error before publishing, and I'm deeply sorry.

I apologized to Couric personally.