The Highest Paid News* Anchors


The Street puts out a list of the highest paid “news” Anchors in 2019.

Since The Street lists Sean Hannity at No. 1 and Rachel Maddow and Tucker Carlson at No.’s 11 and 12, we have to question their definition of “News Anchor.”

If Hannity, Maddow and Carlson are News Anchors, then I’m the King of England.

Here’s the Top 5 on the list they have come up with:

1. Sean Hannity Salary - $40 million.

2. Diane Sawyer Salary - $22 million

3. Robin Roberts Salary - $18 million

4. George Stephanopoulos Salary - $15 million.

5. Anderson Cooper Salary - $12 million

For the full list you can click this link.