Do as He Says and Not as He Does

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CNN’s media reporter Brian Stelter loves to call out Anchors and Reporters when they do not fact check or question a guest when they have said something that sounds like it maybe not true or at least highly exaggerated.

He does this often when the talent on Fox News.

But, yesterday on his show, Stelter was talking to psychiatrist Dr. Allen Frances would made the claim that Trump "may be responsible for many more million deaths" than Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong.

Knowing that history, that is one hell of a claim.

You would have thought that a seasoned Reporter or Anchor that was not in their first job in TV news, might have said, “hold on a second, are you saying…..”

But watch the clip and notice that Stelter did not do that:

After being called on on social media, Stelter tries to make an excuse and put the toothpaste back in the tube.

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Stelter claims he did not hear Dr.Frances, but watch the clip again and listen as Dr. Frances starts answering the question. Stelter gives a very big “Hmmmmm” like that is interesting. So, clearly it seems that he heard the guest when started talking.

But when Dr. Allen Frances makes a claim that Trump is responsible for millions of deaths, Stelter then says he was not able to hear him.

First off, as an Anchor, listening to your guest talk is the most important thing you do while conducting and interview. Not playing on your two computers.

Also, could the Producer hear the guest? Why weren’t they in your ear, telling you about the monster claim the guest just made, if they knew you did not hear them?

Or could you hear fine, but your biased reporting against the President has gotten so out of hand that you just take any slam against Trump as fact and don’t check it?

You call out Fox News and I agree many times Fox News should be called out.

But then, you do the very same thing that you take them to task for doing.

Once again Brian, you are throwing rocks from your glass house.

Maybe it is time to stop focusing on Fox News and start learning how to do your own job better. After all this is your first TV job and although you want to look at yourself as an elder statesman, the truth is you a still basically a rookie.

Brian you screwed up….say you screwed up and don’t offer up excuses.

Trust me, help your credibility.