Do We Need More of This?

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Over the weekend, FTVLive told you that CNN Anchor Victor Blackwell got very emotional when responding to President Donald Trump's tweets calling west Baltimore a crime “infested” area.

Blackwell grew up in the area and started to cry as he talked about Trump’s words.

CNN "(don’t call me a media critic” Brian Stelter said that while he walked to work on Sunday, he wondered how much worse the president's appeals to racism and xenophobia will get between now and Election Day.

He then added, “If this IS going to be the pattern, then we're going to need more anchors like Victor Blackwell.”

But do we need more of that? Or do we need more Journalist that are unbiased and give us both sides of the story.

When a Fox News Anchor attacks Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, does Stelter think we need more of that?

What Journalism needs is more real Journalists.

We don’t need biased people like Brian Stelter and Sean Hannity telling us how we should think. We need Journalist that tell us the story fairly and then letting us think for ourselves.

Brian Stelter wants to be considered a “Correspondent” but he is nothing more than the lefts version of Sean Hannity.

No Brian, we do not need more of Anchors crying and taking Trump to task.

We need real reporting and people giving us the news.