Vice President Mike Pence was on his way to New Hampshire for a political event. Just before his plane was to land in New Hampshire, Air Force 2 turned around and headed back to Washington, DC.

Fox News reported in an alert that Pence was headed back to DC due to an “emergency.”

CNN media critic Brian Stelter tweeted out that Fox News was part of the “irresponsible reporting” in regards to Pence plane turning around.

Stelter sent out this tweet:

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 12.29.39 PM.png

The CNN media critic linked to this tweet from Alyssa Farah, who is Mike Pence’s Press Secretary:

Screen Shot 2019-07-02 at 12.31.15 PM.png

So, Stelter says that Fox News is reporting on an “emergency” is “irresponsible reporting” because Pence’s Press Secretary says it’s no big deal.

But, let’s see what Randy Gentry (Representative Of The Office Of the Vice President) told the people waiting on Pence in New Hampshire.

Wait! Did he just used the word “emergency” and didn’t he also say this almost never happens. Can anyone recall it ever happening?

Stelter often tells us how the White House is so bad at telling the truth. He also says that Fox News is “state run” media.”

So why was Stelter so quick to believe what Pence’s press secretary said?

Also, if Fox News is “state run” TV, wouldn’t they likely know then Brian Stelter?

It seems as if Fox News was first with the story and Stelter wanted to downplay the fact that CNN was beat again.

We have no clue as to why Pence was rushed back to DC, but a rep from his office told the crowd is was an emergency and then quickly left the room.

Maybe Donald Trump, forgot his Twitter password and needed Pence to help him find it.

Or, maybe it really is something big. But, looking at the facts so far, it does not seem as if Fox News practiced “irresponsible reporting.”

So far, it seems they were on the money.