"I'm Not A Media Critic ''

CNN’s media critic….errrrr….media correspondent Brian Stelter was not happy that in a story FTVLive posted yesterday about him covering the New York City power outage, that we called him a media critic.

While we were driving back from North Carolina, Stelter DM’ed us in Twitter and this was the exchange:

Screen Shot 2019-07-16 at 3.22.47 AM.png

First off, we should point out, while we have been critical of Stelter and his reporting on FTVLive, we have have not attacked him on Twitter.

We have tried asking him questions a number of times with the @Brianstelter on Twitter and he never replied.

Stelter says he is a “Correspondent” yet on a daily basis he is giving his opinion on Trump, Fox News or some other subject that feeds the Jeff Zucker narrative. It seems strange that a “Correspondent” would be injecting their personal opinion on so many stories and we asked Stelter about that, but he did not address that question.

FTVLive can call ourselves “Emperor” but it doesn’t make it true.

CNN can call Brian Stelter and correspondent and Brian himself could call himself a correspondent, but his actions are that of a critic.

Being a critic is not a bad thing, but Stelter seems to think it is a derogatory term and he does not want it applied to him.

But, if it walks like a duck and talks like a duck, it’s a damn duck.

Brian Stelter thinks that we hate him or have it out for him, neither is the case. Our job, much like Brian’s is to report on the media industry. Again, like Brian, we cast a critical eye on TV news and report on what we see.

And what we see in Brian Stelter is a media critic that does a good job of reporting on the industry, while injecting his left leaning opinion against the people on the right, including the President and Fox News.

That is not a Correspondent, no matter what Jeff Zucker let you put on your business card.