This is CNN....


There was a power outage in New York City on Saturday and for some reason CNN had their media critic Brian Stelter reporting on the blackout.

First, why the hell is the media critic reporting on a power outage?

Second, this was power outage on a Saturday. Sure it was a pain and inconvenience for a number of New Yorkers, did this really deserve this much coverage. It is this another example of the media bubble that surrounds Manhattan?

Let’s be honest power outages hit cities all the time. How often does CNN send their media critic to cover those? In fact how often does CNN cover those outages at all?

It’s the same with a snowstorm. It hits Minneapolis, it’s not news. It hits New York and Brian Stelter is out sledding on his belly ( I wish I was making that up).

It would be one thing if the financial markets were affected, or it hit during the week.

It was a blackout for a few hours on the weekend.