The Intern Did It...


Yesterday, FTVLive told you that Scripps owned WTVF (Nashville) had changed their social media logo to include the gay pride flag in a show of support for Gay Pride month.

But, in less than an hour, after getting some comments from homophobes, the station changed it back to the old logo.

Needless to say, many including those in the gay community thought it showed how spineless the station was.

For quite a longtime, the station then would not make a comment as to why they caved to the haters?

Finally, the Scripps station released a statement and of course blamed a low level employee:

“Recently, one of our employees briefly posted an image related to Pride Month. The same employee made a decision to remove that image because it had not gone through our usual process of discussion and approval. Reaction to the image was consistent with responses we have received from other posts related to LGBTQ issues.

“The removal of the image was in no way meant to indicate a lack of support for the LGBTQ community, either from the station or the employee involved. In fact, on the very day the image was briefly posted, NewsChannel 5 provided other social media posts and on-air reporting related to LGBTQ issues and Pride Month in particular. Like the image that was posted and removed, our other posts related to LGBTQ issues were met with negative comments from some viewers.”

As FTVLive pointed out in our original story, WTVF has a long history of diversity and inclusivity.

But, when the station caved to the trolls so easily, it was a big blow to their reputation. It took the station a longtime to come up with a reason why and then cast all the blame on a single employee.