EXCLUSIVE: It Was Not a Happy Meal

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Sources tell FTVLive that on Tuesday, CNN President Jeff Zucker took the main talent to breakfast after the morning show.

Talent from both the morning and evening were sitting alongside Zucker eating.

But it was not a celebratory occasion at all.

Sources say that Zucker was telling the staff that the ratings are down and was, “trying to light a fire under their butts.”

But, what is interesting to note, is many of the talent pushed back against Zucker. Word is that some spoke up saying that maybe the constant “anti Donald Trump” rhetoric has fatigued viewers.

The talent told Zucker that the Trump bashing is played out and it might be time to move on.

Sources say that Zucker dug in his heels and told talent they need to step up their game.

This much is clear, things are not going well at CNN and it shows most in the ratings.

This might have been breakfast, but at least some saw it as Zucker’s last supper.

Stay tuned….