Sinclair Looks to National Expansion

It seems that Sinclair is not done when it comes to taking their conservative message on a national scale.

Axios writes that Sinclair's hiring spree suggests that it's looking to position itself as a national news competitor to Fox News ahead of the 2020 election.

Sinclair is attempting to buy up a handful of Fox's regional sports networks and that will get them into more homes to help spread their message.

This seems to be Sinclair’s back up plan after the Tribune deal fell through after the company was accused of lying to the FCC about deal terms.

By buying the cable station Fox Sports Nets, Sinclair will be able to bypass the FCC, since the FCC does not oversee cable stations.

Sinclair has also been hiring a number of Fox News castoffs such as Eric Bolling and James Rosen. They also hired CBS castoff Lara Logan.

FTVLive still believes that Sinclair is going to make a play for Megyn Kelly as well.

Kelly was last seen paddling around the Bahama’s in a black bikini.