Reason 3,541 Not to Watch Cable News


The left wing Media Matters released audio that shows that Tucker Carlson is a sleazeball.

I can assure you this is not breaking news to anyone that has watched Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox News for more than 5 minutes.

Of course, when something like this comes out, CNN media critic Brian Stelter gets all tingly and starts to rally advertisers to pull their ads from Fox News.

Stelter has done this time and time again.

FTVLive has always said that we are not for advertiser boycotts and we will never be.

If you don’t like a show on TV, don’t watch it. If enough people don’t watch it, it will not be on TV for much longer.

But asking advertisers to pull their spots is about as low as you can go and it is even worse when someone in the media does so, or highlights those that do.

It has long been clear that Tucker Carlson is, for lack of a better word, a complete asshole. It is also clear that Brian Stelter long gave up being a Journalist to become Jeff Zucker’s water boy.

Listening to Zucker speak the other day, he sounded almost exactly like Brian Stelter. But, we’re sure it’s the other way around and that Stelter gets his talking points from Zucker.

Stelter attacks Fox News on the daily, but yet FNC kills CNN in the ratings. Has Stelter or anyone else at CNN figured out that maybe this strategy is not working?

As for Carlson, the guy is an idiot, but as long as there are low intelligent racist, chauvinist, idiots in the world, then Tucker will have an audience.

BTW, most of the stuff that Tucker was caught on audio saying was when he was working at MSNBC. It should also be pointed out he worked at CNN.

You can bet if he was still working at CNN, Brian Stelter would have given him a big pass, just like he does to the others at the used to be cable news network.

If you are still watching cable news, I feel sorry for you. But, I promise you, I won’t call the advertisers of your favorite cable news shows and demand that they pull their ads.

Just saying…

Here is the Carlson audio if you haven’t heard it: