The Sleeping Anchor

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As anyone that works the morning shift in TV news knows, it is a tough schedule when it comes to sleep. But, most of those on the morning shift learn to deal with it and come to work ready to do the job.

Insiders at Tribune’s WGNO in New Orleans say that morning Anchor Carla Pesono is not one of those people. Word is that Pesono is often seen sleeping on the job. In fact it has gotten to a point in which other staffers in the building play a game of “Where is Carla sleeping now.”

Most often she is found sleeping at her desk.

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But, sometimes, she ducks into an edit bay.

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One former Producer says that Pesono seems more concerned with her sleep, then she is with the newscast. “Management knows, but does nothing about it,” said an insider.

Staffers say she even sleeps on the set.

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Our suggestion to Carla Pesono? Maybe try to get to bed earlier and then handle yourself a bit more professionally at work.

Just saying…