CNN Misleads in Press Release


Donald Trump likes to call CNN “Fake News,” but it also appears that the network likes to send out “Fake” press releases as well.

CNN sent a press release claiming that, “CNN’s Town Hall with Sen. Kamala Harris Was Most-Watched Cable News Single Candidate Town Hall Ever”

It was not the most-watched single candidate town-hall among total viewers but you wouldn’t really know that from reading the release since they tried to couch everything together (TV, internet streams, ect).

Harris did pull a big number for usually last place CNN. The Town Hall pulled 1.957 million total viewers, which while a good number (especially for CNN) it is still far behind the 2.7M viewers that tuned into watch Sean Hannity lob softballs at his BFF Donald Trump back in August of 2016.

Remember CNN, you said it yourself, Facts Matter.