2018 Was A Record Breaker for FTVLive


Looks like we made it to another year.

Let’s hope 2019 is your best year yet!

As for 2018, it was a great year for FTVLive! We broke last years’s traffic record by over a million visits and page views were up an additional 14 million views.

We want to THANK each and everyone of you for stopping by and to a HUGE THANK you to those of you that support this site.

So, are you wondering which stories were the most popular on FTVLive last year?

He is a countdown of the top 10:

10. A Sinclair story makes it into the Top 10 and it is not one that makes the company look good. Read

9. It was the promotion that never happened. Read

8. It was a truly sad story. Read

7. There are a lot of questions about what happed on this one. Read

6. Reporter claims Nexstar stole from him. Read

5. No. 1 comes in at Number 5. Read

4. Anchor busted comes in at the 4 spot. Read

3. This had the DC market in a frenzy. Read

2. Some hanky-panky makes it into the the deuce slot. Read

No. 1 - It was the most read story on FTVLive in 2018. Read