We Jumped the Gun


Yesterday FTVLive reported that there is a News Director shake up going down at KTVX, the Nexstar station in Salt Lake City. 

We wrote, "Word is that current ND George Severson is leaving the job, but not the station. Word is that Severson is moving over to the sales/marketing side of the station."

We have now been told that at this point Severson is still the News Director at the station, but what we reported has not happened yet. It seems sometimes we even scoop ourselves. 

We also wrote that Assistant News Director Andy Teerlink is being moved into the interim ND but would not get the gig full time. Sources tell FTVLive that Teerlink has been already knocked down the food chain to Managing Editor and it is Todd Reed that will get bumped up to the ND gig. 

Look for Severson to blame "health issues" as to why he is leaving the News Director job. When it happens.