This is Why CNBC is Tanking

When Presidential advisor and Fox News host Sean Hannity gave Trump the go-ahead to release the memo, he obviously did not take into account that it was going to crash the stock market. 

While it is a good bet that most Americans really could care less about the memo and the partisan politics that went along with, they do care about the stock market. 

So for most outside the beltway, the stock market became a much bigger story than the memo. 

As the markets starting tanking, the Fox Business Network shifted their coverage to the market and its loss of billions of dollars. 


At the exact same time, CNBC Jim Cramer was talking about the business of the NFL. What?!


When CNBC did finally get around to covering the markets, you can see how serious they took it. 


And this my friends is why CNBC continues to shed its audience and lose to FBN.