"We Don't Cover Bomb Threats"


There used to be an unwritten rule in TV newsrooms from coast to coast that you never cover a bomb threat.

In can cause panic, disruption and it feeds into the ego of the idiot that called in the threat.

CNN broke that rule last night and then after the threat turned out to be a hoax, CNN continued to cover the the “bomb threat” during the night, in newsletters and this morning.

Of course, it is a bit of a catch 22. Just before 10:30 last night, Don Lemon went to commercial and he and the staff were told to evacuate the building.

CNN then went to a rerun of Anderson Cooper.

So, the few viewers that watch Lemon’s show had to be wondering what happened?

When CNN went back on the air using video shot from a iPhone, they made sure the coverage turned into all about them and the bomb threat.

With all the attention CNN gave to this hoax, odds are good that some other person will call in a threat to CNN and hope to disrupt all over again.

The question is, will CNN keep covering the story over and over again and in turn urge other deranged people to call in fake bomb threats?

If I was running CNN, I would have not gave the story so much weight.

Like I said, it used to be S-O-P not to cover bomb threats and there was a very good reason for that.