Another Cable News Channel is Launching


Look out CNN!

Gordon Robertson, son of evangelist Pat Robertson is launching a brand new cable news channel and one can only wonder how long it will take to pass last place CNN in the ratings.

The Christian Broadcasting Network’s new news channel will provide a religious perspective other channels lack, CEO Gordon Robertson told the Associated Press in an interview in advance of the network’s formal launch Monday.

Robertson says he will have no problem sucking up to the Trump administration. “What I think is missing is an opportunity for someone to come in and just tell their story from their point of view, not give it an angle, not try to be argumentative,” he said. “I think we’ve been criticized for allowing people to speak. But from my point of view, we want that.”

CBN is launching the new channel in part to appeal to a growing number of viewers who cancel cable subscriptions in favor of streaming services and free broadcast TV.

The nonprofit channel’s success will mostly depend on donations, not advertisements.

Most donors are older and like to watch TV they say.

H/T Observer Reporter