OJ is Headed to CNN

It appears that OJ is headed to CNN and he starts next month. 

No....not that OJ.

You may remember that FTVLive told you that Omar Jimenez had signed off from WBAL in Baltimore and we hinted that he might be headed to the Philly market or CNN. 

Sources are telling FTVLive that it is CNN and he starts in a few weeks. 

A couple of years ago, Jimenez was sitting in a classroom at Northwestern University and now he is headed to CNN.

Jimenez who also is a rapper that goes by the name OJ Trop has a few songs out and they are actually pretty good. 

We tried to confirm Trop's move to CNN with his agent Rick Ramage, but we were told that Ramage on route to the Asian American Journalists Association in Philly. 

Stay tuned for an official announcement from CNN soon.