CNN's Staffer's Tweets Come Back to Haunt Him

When CNN tracked down the guy that made the video Donald Trump knocking down a guy with a CNN logo super-imposed over his face, they threatened if the guy didn't play nice they would release his name. 

Many thought it was a heavy handed blackmail technique used by CNN to keep one of their critics silent. 

Well, since CNN's Andrew Kaczynski went after the guy that created the video, others have took it upon themselves to turn the tables on CNN. 

And they have brought some CNN staffers into the crosshairs. 

Like CNN Journalist Rashard Elijah. 

Some that have dug deep into the CNN staffer's twitter account, came up with these gems posted by Elijah. 

These tweets were made by Elijah before he started working at CNN, which begs the question, does CNN do any background checks before they hire someone. 

Now, if you dig hard enough, you can come up with some dirt on just about anyone. But, the fact that this CNN staffer jokes about rape and hating white people, it seems that might be a bit over the line. 

After Elijah was outed, he deleted his Twitter account. Other CNN staffer locked their's down so prying eyes could not see it. 

Of course if these tweets were made by a staffer at Fox News, you can bet that CNN media critic Brian Stelter would have devoted half of his show to the story. The other half still would have been Trump bashing. 

But, CNN does not seem eager to talk about their employee's hateful tweets. 

Imagine that?