Jeff Zucker's Mini-me

Many inside CNN believe that CNN media critic Brian Stelter is just Jeff Zucker's  mouthpiece and often is described in emails to FTVLive as Zucker's "mini me."

"Zucker gives Stelter the talking points and then Stelter feeds them to his audience," said one CNN insider to FTVLive. 

Stelter is the Kellyanne Conway of CNN.

No matter how bad it is, both Kellyanne and Stelter will spin it to try and make it look like a positive. 

If you needed proof that Stelter parrots Zucker, just look at Stelter's email newsletter from last night.

On Tuesday morning, Zucker said in the morning meeting. "People are trying to attack us, trying to take us down... Our reputation is everything; that is our currency...."

In Stelter's news letter last night, the media critic said: "Here's what I see: .... pro-J recognize that most journalists try to be fair and right. Accuracy and credibility are our currencies."

It's like the words came straight from Jeff Zucker himself.