NBC Wants Out of Megyn Kelly Deal?

Well....you knew the rumors would start the minute the ratings started tanking. But, this might be a record time for the rumor mill to start turning so fast. 

The whispers and rumors are that NBC wants to pull the plug on the Megyn Kelly experiment ASAP. 

While, any truth to to those rumors are highly unlikely, the idea that they are already starting to spread is not good news for NBC or Megyn Kelly. 

WOR Big Apple Radio Host Mark Simone did his part of social media fanning the flames. 

Three shows in on Sunday night and Kelly has lost almost half of her viewers from week one. And, week one was not that strong to begin with. 

NBC is just weeks away from putting Kelly smack in the middle of the Today Show and there is no doubt that some inside are thinking Kelly could kill the Today Show's momentum. 

FTVLive predicted that NBC's Megyn Kelly experiment would fail  but, we did not expect talk like this to be spreading just a few weeks into the job. 

While the idea that NBC will pull the plug on Kelly right now is farfetched, you can bet that if she starts cratering the Today Show, the panic will be full blown at the Peacock. 

Looks like it's going to be a long hot Summer for the bosses at NBC.

Stay tuned....