Sinclair/Tribune's Conflicted Markets

In a conference call, Sinclair thinks they will run into problems with FCC ownership rules in only 3 markets. The markets they named on the call, were Wilkes Barre, Salt Lake City and St. Louis. 

But, there are a number of markets where Sinclair and Tribune own stations. Some of these could just become duopolies, but others might have to be spun off to get final FCC approval. 

But, you have to remember, Sinclair has a very cozy relationship with President Trump and the FCC maybe willing to look the other way as the deal goes through. 

Here is a look at the 12 conflict markets, where both groups have owned and/or operated stations.  

Seattle-Tacoma, WA: Sinclair has ABC affiliate KOMO and Univision affiliate KUNS, while Tribune has Fox affiliate KCPQ and My-Network-TV affiliate KZJO.
Portland, OR: Sinclair has ABC affiliate KATU and Univision affiliate KUNP, whileTribune has CW affliate KRCW.
St. Louis, MO: Sinclair has ABC affiliate KDNL, while Tribune has Fox affiliate KTVI and CW affliate KPLR.
Des Moines, IA: Sinclair has Fox affiliate KFSM, while Tribune has NBC affiliate WHO.
Salt Lake City, UT: Sinclair has CBS affiliate KUTV, while Tribune has Fox affiliate KSTU.
Grand Rapids-Kalamazoo, MI: Sinclair has CBS affiliate WWMT, while Tribune has Fox affiliate WXMI.
Richmond, VA: Sinclair has Fox affiliate WRLH, while Tribune has CBS affiliate WTVR.
Norfolk, VA: Sinclair has My-Network-TV affiliate WTVZ, while Tribune has CBS affiliate WTKR and CW affliate WGNT.
Greensboro-High Point, NC: Sinclair has ABC affiliate WXLV, while Tribune has Fox affiliate WGHP.
Oklahoma City, OK: Sinclair has Fox affiliate KOKH and CW affliate KOCB, while Tribune has NBC affiliate KFOR and independent station KAUT.
Harrisburg-Lancaster, PA: Sinclair had CBS affiliate WHP, while Tribune had Fox affiliate WPMT.
Scranton-Wilkes Barre, PA: Sinclair has Fox affiliate WOLF, CW affliate WSWB, and My-Network-TV affiliate WQMY, while Tribune has ABC affiliate WNEP.

So, where could those stations he headed next with ownership?

Possible buyers... we could see such groups, including E.W. Scripps Company, Raycom Media, Meredith Corporation, Cox Media Group, Hearst Television, Hubbard Broadcasting, TEGNA, and Graham Media Group, to name a few.  Cox and Hearst would likely pursue ABC, CBS, and NBC affiliates with rich histories and rich legacies, as those groups take pride in broadcasting/journalism excellence and setting the gold standard.  

Scripps is reportedly interested in buying up more stations.  Meredith could see an opportunity to get a Des Moines station, its home market.  Fox could see an opportunity to get its much desired Seattle-Tacoma O&O, and the Seahawks being a competitive NFC franchise.  TEGNA could see an opportunity to form a duopoly in Portland, where they own NBC affiliate KGW.

But now with the FCC basically throwing the old ownership rules out the window, there really is no telling what is going to happen. 

Sinclair seems to know more than the rest of us, since they said they only expect problems in 3 markets. 

Stay tuned....