The Nexstar Era Begins in Austin

While under Media General, KXAN in Austin was able to knock off longtime news leader, Tegna owned KVUE. 

KXAN was able to do this two ways. First Tegna stations have started going to shit and second, KXAN invested in investigative reporting. The station branded itself as the investigative station and made a big investment in assembling a large team to focus on investigations.

The move showed that "real" reporting can bring in ratings and you don't have to rely on giving viewers cash and iPads to watch your news. 

Recently, KXAN accepted a duPont for their investigative reporting. They posted the story along with a picture of the I-Team on the station's website.  Unlike an Emmy, a duPont is an award to be proud of. 

But now Nexstar has taken over and you know what that means. 

Sources tell FTVLive that half of the people in that promo picture are gone (left or not re-signed) and the station's investigative office sits half empty. 

A unit that helped bring the station to the top of the ratings is being gutted by Nexstar and their cost cutting ways. 

A recent internal memo, obtained by FTVLive went out to the staff, telling them that the station's I-Team Producers is gone. 

From: Cross, Chad
Sent: Friday, February 24, 2017 4:20 PM
To: KXAN Staff DG
Subject: Joe Ellis

Please give your best regards to Joe Ellis, who’s moving on from KXAN after the February sweep ends.  Joe has helped on important stories and supported our newsroom in many ways.  We’re grateful for his contributions and wish him well.

Chad Cross
News Director

KXAN was a prime example of how real reporting could bring in real ratings. Now, the station will become an example of how quickly and owner like Nexstar can ruin all that.

Stay tuned.....