When President Trump gave his State of the Union, one Tribune General Manager was sitting in the audience. 

WGHP (Greensboro) GM Jim Himes was in DC as a guest of Congressman Mark Walker. Walker posted this to his Facebook page: 

Which leaves a few questions. Should the GM of a TV station have accepted an invite from a sitting Congressman? Did the taxpayers pay for the GM to fly to DC? How will this effect future coverage of the Congressman on WGHP's newscast?

There is no doubt that the GM hobnobbing with the Congressman might not exactly scream objectivity for the station.

Also, couldn't the Congressman find a service member or fallen service members family member or college student to invite?  

Lastly, how about finding a photographer that can shoot a picture of the two and not leave enough headroom to fly a 747 over? 

Or are both Himes and the Congressman only 3 feet tall? 

So many questions....