Props to the News Photographers

OK this is a bit sappy and is a little ways from being realistic, but check out this promo on the News Photographers at WDIV in Detroit. 

We'll have some comments after you watch:

Now our comments: 

First off, no Photographer is so cheery when told to break down their live shot and move to a new location. 

Second, notice that the "breaker" was just another live shot in front of an empty building with nothing happening. 

Lastly, there was many people in the WDIV newsroom asking if the shooter was going to to make his live hit? "Is is going to make it?" was said over and over again. 

That never happens.

It would have been much more realistic if you had people saying, "That fucker better make slot or this newscast is going to shit."

Guess they cleaned it up a bit for the promo. 

But, we LOVE the fact that the Shooters are getting some props and a tip of the hat to WDIV for doing it. 

Even if it was a bit unrealistic.....