Megyn Kelly Backs the Bus Back Over Matt Lauer

Matt Lauer's fall from the Today Show was swift and deserved. 

The one time Golden Boy of NBC was fired after allegations of sexual misconduct arose. 

One woman, that had a consensual sexual relationship with Lauer told her story to Vanity Fair.  

Addie Collins Zinone is now doing the rounds and talking to media outlets about how she and Matt Lauer would sneak off and have sex inside 30 Rock. 

Yesterday, she told her story again to Megyn Kelly. 

Many inside NBC thought that Kelly was backing the bus over Lauer and they did not like it. 

"This was a consensual sex, I don't see the story here," said one NBC staffer to FTVLive. "She made the choice to sleep with a married man and now she regrets it," the staffer added. 

If Megyn Kelly put everyone on the air that had a bad affair, it would be one very long show. 

No one is defending Lauer and his actions, but this seems more about an attention grab. And Megyn Kelly (who knows a thing or two about attention grabs) played right along. 

Many inside NBC thought Kelly brought nothing new to the table with this interview and it was just taking a cheap shot at Lauer.  

Here's the interview: