Fox News Legal Counsel is Taking a Leave of Absence


Well, Fox News almost made it through the week without another legal scandal....almost. 

Word is that Dianne  Brandi, who is executive vice president of legal and business affairs at Fox News is taking a voluntary leave from the network.

As FNC's in house attorney, Brandi, at the center of sexual harassment scandals at Fox News and is now named in a number of lawsuits pending against the network. 

Brandi is a holdover from the Ailes regime and many think she had knowledge of the payouts made on behalf of Ailes and other Fox New staffers.

Brandi is now named as a defendant in at least 4 lawsuits against FNC. 

The latest complaint involves political commentator Scottie Nell Hughes, who claims that she was raped by Fox Business host Charles Payne. 

Insiders at Fox News tell FTVLive that it would have been almost impossible for Brandi to continue in her job while being a subject in the lawsuits.

Fox News says that Brandi is "taking a voluntary leave" from the network. 

But as one Fox News staffer told FTVLive, "I really doubt she will ever be back."

Stay tuned....