Here's The Problem Megyn......

When Megyn Kelly flames out at NBC, you can blame two people....

First, Megyn Kelly and second her agent. 

Not long ago, Megyn Kelly left a TV agency that knew TV news and went to an agent that's roster is Megyn Kelly and a bunch of actors. 

Kelly is repped by Matt DelPiano at CAA, here's a look at the stars that DelPiano reps: 

Notice something? 

There is not a single TV news person the list except Kelly. In her CAA bio, she is listed as a Host first and a Journalist second. 

It might stroke your ego and be to cool to say that your Agent is the same guy that reps Tommy Lee Jones, but what does the agent truly know about TV news? 

You could have the greatest Brain Surgeon in the world, but if the surgery is on your knee, how does that help you? 

If you work in TV news, you should use and agent that specializes in TV news. If you want to be on CSI Miami, you hire Matt DelPiano.

Just saying.....