NBC's Kelly Experiment

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Megyn Kelly will anchor her last show on Fox News this Friday.

Kelly has decided to walk away from huge money at Fox News to go to NBC and try her hand at a daytime talkshow. 

Kelly wants it to be called a news show and not a talkshow. You can put lipstick on a pig, it's still a pig. So, we'll call it what it is. 

It will fail and most likely NBC will pull the plug after 2 years. 

Kelly wrote a book called "Settle for More" in the end she settled for less, a lot less. Fox News was offering $20 million bucks for her to stay at the cable news net. At NBC, despite what you hear, it is likely she is making well less than half of that. 

Kelly was an outcast at Fox News. Sean Hannity didn't like her, Bill O'Reilly didn't like her and more importantly many of the regular Fox News viewers didn't like her. 

On December 21st, FTVLive told you how many inside FNC had grown tired of her ego act and were ready for her to just leave. 

After her dust ups with Donald Trump, Kelly's ego grew bigger by the day. She made rumblings about leaving Fox News and it was her ego that would not let her stay.

She would have never been the Bill O'Reilly at Fox News and that ate at her.

Now she goes to NBC where the stars are much bigger than her and O'Reilly. Matt Lauer is a much bigger name than both of them. Same with Lester Holt. 

Remember, Katie Couric and Meredith Vieira both had daytime talkshows and both failed. 

Kelly's ego makes her believe it will be different for her. 

It won't be. 

The cable news world will obsess on Kelly jumping ship, but the viewers really won't care. She trended on Twitter, but could not even top #Coachella. 

Kelly is now looked at as an enemy of the right, ever since her clash with Trump and helping get Roger Ailes fired. But, at the same time Kelly has never been liked by the left. So, in other words, what the fuck is NBC thinking? 

This experiment will fail. 

Trust us....