I'm Sorry...

When the news first broke that there was a shooting during the live shot of WDBJ in Roanoke this morning. 

FTVLive was sent a number of emails from people in the market, tipping us off to the story. The information we got was the shots were fired during the live shot, we did not know that the news crew was the intended target. 

We checked WDBJ's website and it only had a brief mention of the story, with almost no details.

FTVLive posted the video and made a couple of snarky comments. Shortly after we posted it, we learned that the news crew was the target of the story and we quickly made a change to our story.

Our "snarky" comments were posted for a very brief time and I deeply regret that I didn't have the full details before posting the video.

I have called out people a number of times on this site, for making stupid mistakes like this. It only makes sense that I call out myself.

I regret the post (no matter how briefly it was up) and I am deeply sorry. My thoughts and prayers go out to the victims, the station and their families. 

I made a mistake, I'm very very sorry and I need to own up to that mistake.