Lauring the Bar

The hallways at 30 Rock are still buzzing about what an awful job Matt Lauer did at the “Commander in Chief Forum.”

Lauer didn't challenge Donald Trump as he told bold face lies and spent most of his time with Hillary Clinton on the email mess. 

CNN reported that one NBC Executive called Lauer's performance a "Disaster." 

This election cycle has not been a good one for the NBC brand. You may remember that last October, the GOP raged at how poorly CNBC handled their debate. 

In fact it was so bad the GOP pulled their next scheduled debate from NBC and moved it to CNN. 

NBC has dropped the ball this election and next up will be NBC Nightly News Anchor Lester Holt, who will moderate one of the Presidential debates.

Here's hoping for NBC, that Holt can finally do the Peacock proud.