Sure Could Use a Little Good News Today

Look, we have two bad choices running for President, the 3rd choice thinks Aleppo is dog food. We have refugees that are killing themselves as a way out of the awful events in Syria. Thanks to cable news stations, our country is more divided Today that it ever has been. 

We sure could use a little good news. 

Often times for that to happen, we have to look away from the adults and look to the kids. 

Ashley Adamietz is a cheerleader at a Palo Cedro, CA high school. Ashley is also battling leukemia.

So far, this is not good news. But hang on.

The school's football team decided to show Ashley some support and love. So as the team ran on the field, all 57 players dropped an orange rose at her feet. 

You see, Orange is the designated color for leukemia awareness and Ashley has one hell of a fight on her hands. But, she isn't fighting alone and that is some good news that we can all use right now. 

We urge you to put this story in your newscast, show your viewers that all is not wrong with the world and show Ashley, that you are cheering on this cheerleader. 

She sure could use it.

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