It's all in the Jeans....

C.J. the gossip columnist for the Minneapolis Start Tribune question the clothes a KARE Anchor just as the entire city was putting to rest a 27 year long tragedy. 

11 year old Jacob Wetterling went missing on October 22, 1989. Almost 3 decades later, his family went to bed every night wondering what happened. 7 days ago, they got their answer when the remains of Jacob were found. 

It was a sad end to a very sad story and KARE Anchor Jana Shortal reported the story wearing "skinny" jeans.

Huh? Who cares what the Anchor was wearing, this was a time to think and remember Jacob.


But, the Star Tribune's C.J. thought the fact that an Anchor wore jeans was a much juicer story than the remains of little lost boy being found.

While people on social media questioned C.J. about her dumb question, the columnist continued to double down and then wrote a column on the paper's website about the Anchor that wore jeans. 

There was no doubt, that viewers were on the side of Shortal. Shortal responded to C.J.'s column with this letter. 

Then the column was pulled and could no longer be found on the paper's website. Soon after the paper tweeted out this apology. 

The story about a community's 27 year nightmare was overshadowed by the fact an Anchor wore jeans and a gossip columnist made such a big deal about it. 

And yet, some still wonder why people are losing respect for the media?