Matt Lauer is Panned for “Commander-in-Chief Forum”

Some are saying it was Matt Lauer's worse day on air since Ann Curry broke out a tissue. 

Lauers was the host of NBC's “Commander-in-Chief Forum” and many think Lauer did lousy.

Social media was first to respond to Lauer's hosting and his opening the show by going on and on about Hillary Clinton's emails.

After spending so long on the emails, Lauer turned to the question of ISIS: 

Many thought that Lauer showed a strong bias against Clinton and for Donald Trump. Which makes sense, since Clinton doesn't own any golf courses that Lauer can play. 

While Lauer, cut Clinton off a number of times and questioned her answers, he did not do the same for Trump. 

CNN's Dylan Byers writes: Memo to NBC News chief Andy Lack: Don't send Matt Lauer to do Chuck Todd's job. 

One person summed up Lauer's job on the forum with this tweet: