Atlanta Reporter That Took Tegna Buyout Joins FBI

WXIA Reporter Kevin Rowson took the Tegna buyout after 30+ years in TV news and 22 of them at the Atlanta station. 

Rowson is now working for the FBI as a public affairs specialist at the FBI office in Atlanta.

“It’s a great transition for me from doing crime and law enforcement my whole career as a journalist to taking a step to the other side,” said Rowson, who began his job a month ago.

Rowson said special agents had been handling his job but they decided to hire a civilian so agents can focus on their primary jobs.

“I’ve always had a back-up plan,’ he said. “I’ve always explored these kinds of opportunities.”

Rowson said he likes having set hours, knowing he’ll be home at a particular hour every night. And having worked nights for years, he’s had to adjust to a more normal schedule. “One nice thing is I was able to spend Labor Day weekend off and not have to fight or beg for the time off,” he said.

“I’m thankful for all the opportunities in journalism because quite frankly, it had a lot to do with why I got this job,” he said.

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H/T Atlanta Journal Constitution