Do Not Touch Running Diagnostics

On September 2nd, FTVLive FIRST told you that a KSAZ (Phoenix) Producer was busted and charged with endangering and having sex with a minor. 

Police busted former Fox O&O KSAZ Web Producer Brian Pryor. He faces charges of 2 sexual conduct with a minor, 20 counts of sexual exploitation of a minor and one count of possession of obscene material. 

Pryor's employment was terminated by KSAZ in early August, but police say that many of the crimes he committed, happened while he was still employed at the station. 

Pryor had an LLC that was listed as an online gaming company that attracted many kids to play. 

Some staffers at KSAZ believe that Pryor would do work on his "gaming site" from the station computers. 

Insiders at KSAZ now say the Pryor's old computer in the newsroom has a sign on it, saying, "Do Not Touch Running Diagnostics."

So, what exactly is going on with Pryor's old work computer? Obviously, once again, "The Firm" isn't talking. 

Stay tuned....