Bounced in the Big Apple (Update)

It appears "The Firm" has sent a morning Anchor packing at their New York station, but of course they have made no comment about it. 

WNYW morning Anchor Juliet Huddy appears to longer be with the Fox O&O station.

Huddy a former Anchor at Fox News, anchored WNYW's Good Day newscast last Thursday and dropped a number of hints that it might be her last day.

Nothing was said officially and her bio is now gone from the station's website.

Her Twitter account has gone silent, with the last posting on Sept 4th. 

Of course getting Fox O&O (AKA The Firm) to talk about this is just a waste of time.

Update: In a strange twist, Huddy did return to the WNYW set this morning to announce that she was leaving the show. But, she did not anchor the morning show. Just showed up to say goodbye.

Now that's really odd. Don't you think?