Fox News Pays at $60 Million Bucks in Harassment Case

2 months ago to the day, Gretchen Carlson sued Roger Ailes claiming he sexually harassed her. 

Now, Gretchen Carlson no longer works at Fox News and neither does Roger Ailes and the company is $60 million bucks lighter in the wallet. 

It was reported that Fox News parent company 21st Century Fox, paid Roger Ailes, the alleged "harasser" $40 million bucks to walk away. 

Gretchen Carlson, the alleged "harassed" supposedly agreed to $20 million bucks and an apology  to settle her lawsuit. 

Now, if it was me, I would have told them to keep their apology and give me another $20 million. 

FTVLive is no legal expert, but we still don't understand why the alleged "harasser" gets paid more than the alleged "harassed."

Does this send the right message?

There were reports that Ailes had chipped in to pay part of Carlson's $20 mill, but Ailes lawyer says that is not true and that the former Fox News boss did not contribute to the money that was paid to Carlson. 

If you look at the leaked separation agreement, between Ailes and Fox, it shows that Fox would have to pay all of Ailes' legal bills and any monetary rewards to Carlson.

So, what is the lesson to be learned here? 

If Ailes really did do the harassing like Carlson (and others) claim, was he punished? He walked away with $40 million bucks and didn't even have to say he was sorry. 

The company he worked for shells out a reported $60 million dollars and has to issue an apology. 

This stinks to high heaven and doesn't send any message about helping stop workplace harassment. 

Just saying....