Fair and Balanced?

So just in case you weren't watching. 

This morning on Fox and Friends, Maria Molina (who FTVLive FIRST reported was leaving Fox News) signed off and the crew and cast gave her a big on air send off. 

Molinia has been with Fox News for 6 years and is leaving to pursue her PHD. 

Greta Van Susteren, who has been at Fox News for 14 years as a solo host of her own show in primetime is leaving Fox News and she got a single blow off line in a press release. 

News stations want viewers to trust what they say and what they report. Yet when it comes to a story about themselves, they either lie, or don't tell you what really happened? 

If Greta really left because contract talks broke down, is Fox News really so callous that they won't give her one last chance to say goodbye on her show?

Unless someone gets very transparent, very quickly, it is likely we will never know the real reason that Van Susteren was cast out at Fox News like the garbage. 

The news networks want viewers to trust them, but if they can't be forthright and honest with their own, how can we expect them to be with anything else?

Just saying....