Sacked in Orlando

Longtime Orlando Reporter Kathi Belich was kicked to the curb at Cox owned WFTV. 

She has been at the station almost a quarter of a century and has covered the biggest stories in Orlando. 

Rumors are swirling as to why she was fired and FTVLive will have more on that later. 

FTVLive did obtain the very brief memo sent out by News Director Matt Parcell to the staff:

From: "Parcell, Matt (CMG-Orlando)" 
Date: September 2, 2016 at 2:06:18 PM EDT
To: "!CMG ORL TV - News Dept (CMG-Orlando)" 
Cc: "!CMG ORL TV - Department Heads (CMG-Orlando)"
Subject: Kathi Belich


Kathi Belich is no longer working at WFTV.  Kathi has been a part of our Eyewitness News family for many years and we wish her only the best in the future.

Matt Parcell | News Director