Power Out at FTVLive World HQ

We woke up to high winds as Hurricane Hermine is still to our west and heading right towards us. 

After taking Rory out for a fly (the perils of being a little dog) we sat down to take editing Today's first update. 

All was going well until shortly before 6:30AM when the power went out. FTVLive was going mobile, driving till we found the lights on. We pulled into a Starbucks, which had power, but was not open. It seems many businesses are telling employees to stay home. 

Back in the car and more driving has leaves and limbs bounced off the FTVLive Mobile One Storm Tracking Working for You Hummer (Too many years in the newsroom I guess).

We pulled Mobile One into a McDonald's and that is where this update is coming from. McDonald's has become the FTVLive World Headquarters for the time being. 

After posting this update, it will be back to a dark and getting hotter house, to ride out the storm with Rory and the cats. 

So, although it might be a bit thin, here is your FTVLive for Friday.