Well Would You Look at That....

Back on July 27th, FTVLive FIRST reported that a Miami Anchor was headed to the Fox O&O (AKA The Firm) WAGA in Atlanta. 

On July 28th, FTVLive wrote,"FTVLive has learned that WPLG (Miami) Anchor Constance Jones is headed up to WAGA to work on the station's morning newscast. No word yet if Jones is replacing someone or is an addition to. One source thinks that Jones will be stepping into the role of longtime WAGA Anchor Karen Graham. But, that is yet to be confirmed."

Well guess what? 

WAGA just announced that Karen Graham has decided to leave the station. Her last day on the air  will be September 7.

Graham posted a video on her Facebook, saying, "God was calling me to do something greater than me, something of a greater service to the community and the world."

Not sure what God's plans are, but WAGA's plans have been and are to replace Graham with Constance Jones. 

No one besides FTVLive has yet to report on Jones' hiring at the Fox station, because Fox station's PR person Erica Keane has yet to give them permission to do so. 

Look for that announcement to come soon and remember FTVLive told you FIRST. 

Than again, you're used to that.