The House Guest Update

The past two days, I have spent much of my time trying to find the owners of a lost dog that came up to Rory and I while we were on a walk. 

After going to the vet looking for a chip (there was none), posting to internet sites and driving around neighborhoods looking for a possible owner, Rory decided that his new friend should stay the night. 

So while Rory and his friend had a sleepover, I was trying to figure out how I could get this poor lost doggie home. 

Well, the great news came last night. A friend of the owner saw a picture of Rory's friend that I had posted on a Facebook page for lost dogs.

The dog's name was Papi and I am happy to report Papi is back home where he belongs. 

As for Rory, he enjoyed his new friend sleeping over, but he is happy to have his toys back. You see Pap,i would pick up one of Rory's toys that he hadn't played with in months and Rory would get all upset and act like it was his favorite toy. 

Trying to explain sharing to a Rory is like trying to do the same to a 5 year old. He hears you, but he still wants his toys back. 

Anyway, Rory is now back to ignoring his toys that he just had to have and Papi is home with his family. 

Of course, Papi is welcome back anytime and even Rory says he might share more of his toys.