No You Didn't...

Ok, You Can't make this stuff up. 

CNN's sister network HLN did a story on a good samaritan that saved a kid from a hot car. After explaining how Steven Eckel broke out the car window to get to the kid in the hot car, they then interviewed Eckel about what he did. 

The thing was, HLN blurred out a logo or saying on Eckel's shirt as he was doing the interview. 

So, what did his shirt say that was so offensive that it had to be blurred out? Well here's a look at the un-blurred version: 

Yes, HLN blurred the guy's Trump T-Shirt. 

What the hell? 

So, you have CNN/HLN that puts Donald Trump's face on the air 24/7, but then blurs out a Trump T-Shirt. 

This is beyond unethical, it's just plain stupid.

Shaking my head..... 

H/T Joe Concha @ The Hill