You Don't Know How Bad Howie Wanted This to be True

When it comes to "Journalists" (I use the term loosely) in the tank for Donald Trump, you might be hard pressed to a bigger Trumpette than Fox News media critic Howard Kurtz. 

Of course, Sean Hannity, Steve Doocey and Brian Killmeade are at the top of the list as well, but they are nothing close to being a Journalist.

Howie Kurtz pretends he is still is one, despite the fact that his lips have been surgically planted on Trump's ass for over a year. 

Kurtz sticks up for Trump at all costs and will often blast "the media" for taking about his BFF Donald. 

So, you can almost see Howie getting giddy when he saw the tweet from "Jeb Bush" saying that he was endorsing Trump. 

Now, anyone with half a brain...ummmmm.....make that a quarter of a brain knows there is no way in hell that Jeb Bush will be endorsing Trump.

But, our boy Howie wanted this to be true so badly, he couldn't see straight and he sent out the tweet. 

Well, it didn't take long for the rest of Twitter, that all knew that this was obviously a parody account to tell the Fox News media man exactly that. 

So, what did Howie do?

He blamed Twitter of course:

Oh Howie....

Just for future reference Howie, the God twitter account isn't really the real God either. 

Just so you know....